Thru-Hike FAQs
How--and how often--will you shower?
Our farmer friends Addie and Justin once told us that the longer you go without showering, the less obvious it becomes that you haven’t showered.  Something about the oils produced by your body reaching a certain equilibrium with the dirt in your skin and hair.  Still, showering feels good, and after several days (or weeks) of hiking, even if you can’t smell yourself, a shower might be needed to reassure you that you are human.  When possible we’ll swim or bathe in creeks, streams and lakes adjacent to camp.  We’ll also be able to secure showers, if we want them, in many of the hiker-friendly hostels, motels and campgrounds along the way.

Will you have your cell phones?
Yes, but only for occasional/emergency use.

Can I write you guys letters?
Yes please, all letters should be addressed here:
Lara Goodrich and Zack Ezor
3825 Dumbarton Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30327
Mama E. will mail them in bulk along with out maildrops.

How long does a thru-hike usually take?
Between 5 and 7 months.  We estimate we’ll be closer to 5 ½ months.  Baxter state park, home to Mt. Katahdin and the northern terminus of the AT closes to hikers around October 15th.

How will you do your...business?
Well...er...there are several options.  First, many shelters along the AT feature nearby privies.  Privies in the woods are luxurious--not only do they simulate a typical toilet-going experience, they’re also better for the environment since they concentrate waste in one spot.  But what if nature calls when you’re not at camp?  Best practice is to dig a cat-hole about 6-inches deep using a small stick or trowel, at least 200 feet from any water source.  After making your deposit, cover the cathole completely with dirt and debris.  Then, voila!  “Clean up” is a personal choice.  If you carry TP, remember that a sound Leave No Trace ethic requires you to pack out any soiled toiletries.  In the absence of TP, moss, smooth stones, and even snow can suffice (try it sometime!).  Double points for finding a spot with an excellent view.  Triple points if you observe an animal pooping while you’re pooping.